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BrainBox is the first educational company of its kind in Kuwait. With a comprehensive range of services, its aim is to provide the families and schools of Kuwait the highest level of programs and professionalism. Based out of a learning center in Burj Jassem, Kuwait City, BrainBox is building its reputation as the one-stop-shop for educational services. Utilizing evidence based services, strict ethical guidelines, and passionate educators, it has allowed BrainBox to stand out from the crowd. With ever-expanding options including home and school programs, online learning, special needs provision, and specialist behavioural treatment, we are confident we will be able to craft an individualised program for you.

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ELEVATE is our more advanced program for children 7 years and above. It is a 72 hour program with one of our experienced 1:1 trainers. The program focuses on core learning skills such as Memory, Processing Speed, Listening Skills, Problem Solving, and Extended Focus. This program is fantastic for children struggling at school, and for children with focus deficits such as children with ADHD.



Our newest Cognizium program, Accelerate provides younger children, and children with more severe deficits to access a center based program. Using a similar structure to ELEVATE, we provide an experienced 1:1 trainer who spends 1hr per session over a period of 16 weeks, focusing on core executive functioning skills including fine and gross motor skills, numerical recognition, language and literacy skills, and higher thinking skills. The intensity of this program is less and much more visual. The accompanying digital program also allows for the introduction of an Ipad program. This program is fantastic for children with severe deficits such as Global Delay, Autism, and Downs Syndrome.

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Writing Academy

The Writing Academy is a program that strives to foster a love for writing in our learners ranging from 5 to 13 years old. Our aim is to encourage our students to write creatively and with confidence inside and outside of the classroom. Students will participate in a range of individual and group activities that will provide the skills needed to think and write creatively, understand the writing process, recognise and utilise the different types of writing genres and more importantly, be able to express themselves in words and share their work with pride.

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Math Academy

Our Math Academy has been specifically designed for learners aged 5 to 13 years old. We help build learners confidence and skills in mathematics. Our approach to achieving this is to ‘make math fun’ and therefore, we design our math program to take on a fun, hands-on and challenging approach. Our aim is to build their foundational understanding of numbers in a variety of math areas such as number sense and numeration, number operations, and problem solving and reasoning. Lets make math easy!


Reading Academy

BrainBox prides itself on providing the best learning programs on the market, and our reading program is no different. Using an American Distar program, our reading program takes children through all the phonetical stages of reading into intermediate and advanced levels. The reading program is broken down into 100 learning units. This takes the child through a structured and incremental process, so that their skills build in line with their confidence.

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BrainBox has a team of highly qualified and highly experienced home tutors. We cater for a range of challenges so if you are looking for a home tutor that can help your child, contact us now.


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