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BrainBox Kuwait is the only centre in Kuwait offering the world famous LearningRX cognitive development program, an American research-based and evidence-backed program developed to target weak cognitive skills that in turn help children, youth and adults flourish. 

Meet Elevate: 5+

ELEVATE is our more advanced program for all individuals 5 years of age and above. This includes youth, adults and the elderly!

It is a 72 hour program with one of our experienced  trainers.


The ELEVATE program focuses on ELEVATING your core learning skills such as Memory, Processing Speed, Listening Skills, Problem Solving, and Extended Focus.


This program is fantastic for:

  • Children struggling at school (academically, focus, attention, memory and with reading)

  • Gifted children, youth and adults looking to further enhance their cognitive skills

  • Professionals looking at brushing up on their cognitive abilities

Accelerate not background.png

Meet Accelerate:
3-5+ &
Those with Delays

Our newest cognitive development program, Accelerate, provides younger children from ages 3 years of age and those with more severe deficits to access a center based program.


Using a similar structure to ELEVATE, we provide an experienced trainer who spends a period of 16 weeks focusing on core executive functioning skills including fine and gross motor skills, numerical recognition, language and literacy skills, and higher thinking skills. 

The intensity of this program is less and much more visual.


The accompanying digital program also allows for the introduction of an iPad program, so mouse skills are not necessary. 


This program is fantastic for:

  • Younger children (3 to 5 years old)

  • Children with severe deficits such as Global Developmental Delay, Autism, and Downs Syndrome!

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