In many countries, including Kuwait, it is now common for schools to teach their lessons via online learning. This could be the way of things for the next academic year as well. That is why BrainBox has set up its new homeschooling support division called The BrainBox School. We offer a range of tailor made options for your child including, homework support, behavioural therapy, home school shadow, home cognitive training, remedial academic programs and much more. If you feel your child would benefit from in-person home support then contact us now.


About Us

BrainBox is the first educational company of its kind in Kuwait. With a comprehensive range of services, its aim is to provide the families and schools of Kuwait the highest level of programs and professionalism. Based out of a learning center in Burj Jassem, Kuwait City, BrainBox is building its reputation as the one-stop-shop for educational services. Utilizing evidence based services, strict ethical guidelines, and passionate educators, it has allowed BrainBox to stand out from the crowd. With ever-expanding options including home and school programs, online learning, special needs provision, and specialist behavioural treatment, we are confident we will be able to craft an individualised program for you.


BrainBox Cognitive Brain Training Programs

Exceeding Your Expectations


Full Centre-Based Program

Our center-based program will provide your child with both our 1:1 program, and individualised digital program. This program is highly effective for children with significant weaknesses in any of the following areas:

  • Attention

  • Focus

  • Processing speed

  • Memory

  • Behavior

All our activities, both 1:1 and within our digital programs are research based so that they focus on developing specific cognitive skills.

The Program Includes:

  • Full cognitive assessment

  • Full range of cognitive training activities tailored to suit your child’s needs

  • Full access to the digital program

  • On-going updates of progress and development

  • Final assessment

  • Certificate on completion

Girl at School

Writing Academy

The Writing Academy is a program that strives to foster a love for writing in our learners ranging from 5 to 13 years old. Our aim is to encourage our students to write creatively and with confidence inside and outside of the classroom. Students will participate in a range of individual and group activities that will provide the skills needed to think and write creatively, understand the writing process, recognise and utilise the different types of writing genres and more importantly, be able to express themselves in words and share their work with pride.

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar

Math Academy

Our Math Academy has been specifically designed for learners aged 5 to 13 years old. We help build learners confidence and skills in mathematics. Our approach to achieving this is to ‘make math fun’ and therefore, we design our math program to take on a fun, hands-on and challenging approach. Our aim is to build their foundational understanding of numbers in a variety of math areas such as number sense and numeration, number operations, and problem solving and reasoning. Lets make math easy!


STEM Academy

The STEM Academy is designed for learners aged 5 to 13 years old who are looking to further explore their love for the sciences, technology, engineering and maths. We achieve this by providing a fun, creative, and hands-on learning environment. The aim of the academy is to strengthen their foundational understanding in STEM while furthering their curiosity and creativity in these areas. At the end of our STEM academy, we pride ourselves in instilling students with the appropriate 21st century learning skills, the ability to problem solve, team build and to think and work collaboratively.


Reading Academy

BrainBox prides itself on providing the best learning programs on the market, and our reading program is no different. Using an American Distar program, our reading program takes children through all the phonetical stages of reading into intermediate and advanced levels. The reading program is broken down into 100 learning units. This takes the child through a structured and incremental process, so that their skills build in line with their confidence.


Exam Revision Sessions

Every year in January and May, BrainBox offers specialised centre-based exam prep sessions. We have highly trained exam specialists that conduct these sessions, along with some of the best online educators for those families wishing to complete the exam prep from the comfort of their own homes.


BrainBox is proud to offer Kuwait a range of services for both the home and school. If you feel need a program more individualised for your child's needs, then do not hesitate to get in contact.



Learning Difficulties

Oppositional Behaviour




School Shadows

Providing you piece of mind for your child's school placement 

Providing school shadows has become one of the most sought after services in Kuwait. With the ever increasing demands of mainstream schools, parents are quickly finding themselves in the position of needing a shadow to protect their child's school placement. BrainBox is proud to have the best shadow training program in Kuwait, designed and implemented by Mr Baruch Spiegel, Consultant Behaviour Analyst from London. Our unique training program, and school strategies have allowed BrainBox to offer these services to a range of clients including, but not limited to, children with behavioural problems, children with ADHD, and children with Autism. To find out more simply contact us now.


Continuing Personal Development

BrainBox has exclusively brought the 'Fundamentals of Learning Series' to Kuwait. This online CPD training allows schools to provide their teachers with unique, topical, in-depth and affordable CPD options. So if you are a teacher, or think the school your child goes to will benefit from such training, be sure to let them know BrainBox now offers this service.


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